Arctic Air RAC 400-2-12-D


Arctic Air RAC 400-2-12-D Self contained 12 volt air conditioner with flexible duct


This is a completely portable self-contained A/C unit  with compressor and 134A refrigerant.

Weight:  50 lbs.

Dimensions:  20″W x 19″H x 13″D

Power Source:  works in a 24/28 volt aircraft 400 cfm (cubic ft/minute) (turns over air in 4 seat aircraft every 30 seconds. Arctic Air can control the amps you draw at a low of 22 amps and a high of 37 amps.

If plane will give us 37 amps of power at 24/28 volts, the unit will put out 10,000 BTUs of a/c.

If plane will give us 22 amps of power, the unit will put out 5,000 BTUs of A/C Condensation is routed from inside the unit thru a condensation disposal hose and collected in a reservoir of your choice placed on the outside of the unit.  The accumulated condensation can then be disposed of when the aircraft is parked.  Also, the condensation disposal hose can be routed through a drain hole in the bottom of the aircraft allowing the condensation to be removed continuously during flight. Exhaust air is vented out rear of the aircraft by a flexible hose attached to the back of the unit and routed through the rear cargo wall.


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